Apr 22, 2010

When there's no one around

It's 6.20 am
and I'm home
I'll wait for the time to pass on
so I stare and stare
the picture on my screen
the anklet you gave me
and the bracelet on my wrist

when there's no one around
and nowhere to be found
I'll make up words to a sentence
so I won't bother other existence

all I'd like to say
to make it clear all the way
that I'll be here
with no fear

when there's no one around you
and nobody found you
I'll make up threads to a blanket
so you would not feel sad

7 years has come and pass
tho' we hope it last
now I let it up to god
to define the knots

I'll be here
when there's no one around
reach out
when you need a sound

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