Jul 6, 2009

When the morning air gets to you

Im on the strings
in the verge of gaining the thoughts of surviving
pulling myself on the way of imposters
why i cared?
i dont even understand why
i guess it gets to u when theres too much going on
especially when ure doing it alone
dont trust anyone they say
i cant even trust myself
set ur goals, ur virtue, with efforts
forget it all and go straight to the point and achieve it
if only it goes that way
i cant seem to get my mind straight

i know it looks like im mumbling things but im just expressing how i feel
and why or whats the cause
that is mine to keep and fr u to figure out.

when i was feeling so well and safe
there goes the bells to put an end to everything

maybe, try to be better this time
i will, i promise
somewhere on the clouds,
theres a part of me that i see, so free
i wana feel that, it just a matter of time
and the thoughts of that, is what keeps me going=)

i miss you, all my friends wherever u guys are
i miss you, my girls and sweets
i miss you, my heartbeat
i miss you, dad,mom and the rest of the family
i miss you, my late grandma,ouh god, i miss her so much!