Apr 25, 2011

Holding yours, teasing hers

Sprinkle a little bit of your love to me
drain away the bits that hurts in me
with your smile, it lit up the world to me
and your hands just made it complete

I maybe avoiding but I ain't teasing
testing the waters for something pleasing
I'm holding back for the same reason
that makes our head distant

I hold my promise to another man
& you hold yours to the one you have
you could be the reason to a lot of things
but we can't see what the future brings

I stand aside & you keep hugging tight
to these feelings that we can't hide
if you ever kiss that lady right
a part of you in me has died

Lullaby 2

There are tiny boxes in my mind
Little steps in my heart
that leaves marks around

The boxes keeps on coming with bubbling air
blowing ages of kept secrets away
It throws ashes bit by bit
washes spots that's hard to hit
it holds my hands but I won't look by
& do not ask me why

Words floats over my head
with silly boats sinking
there's this boy that I've met
makes my heart go beating