Sep 10, 2009

Sun shines through the window

its destructive & its hurting me inside.
Im too much into it now and its so hard to let go.
Please, tell me what to do, the gravity is pulling every inch of me down.

I'm loosing control, no matter what i do, it just doesnt feel right.
I know i can change this, but im not sure if its real anymore.
This isnt the way it supposed to be.
I wanna fall down reaching, not failling.

I lost the spark in me that i once have.
arent you supposed to be all of that to me?

i lost all interest that i had, u name it.

i need a holiday, from all the sucky things in my life.

everything just doesnt seem important anymore, not even myself.

im alone inside, im on my own, im invisible.
my soul?

Its funny how things can change in the blink of an eye, how it could be so very ironic.
Every part of it is fragile, and how u have to be carefull with each step that u decide to take,
the words u choose to put out.

people cant be who you want or hope them to be.
they just be.

Im passionate, passionate on life,
on you, on everything and everyone around me.
maybe too passionate I'd say.
pleasing you, hurts me.

it drives me crazy,
and yet im helpless,
lost and feeling numb,
practically, nothing.