Feb 16, 2009

tidak kira

Tidak kira siapa yg datang,
tidak kira apa menjelang
tidak kira siapa yg berkata
tidak kira apa sahaja
aku tetap dia yg punya:)

Feb 14, 2009

aye aye aye tears i cryy

i left with a thought of u
i walk with your hands
i run with u guarding
i lay down with by my side
i stand with u with me
i close my eyes with u in sight me
i turn with u turning
i smile with your happiness
i cry with your sorrow
i move with your grace
i breath with your air
i am here with you
i live for you

Seasons Hearted

the winter's cold
the summer's heat
the autumn's wind
the spring's colors
the warmth of ur open hands
retrieve the chain of emotions in me
the touch of heart from yours to mine
went straight ahead non left behind
hisses misses your kiss has no lie
tears in ur eyes shines thru never shattered
every inch of u tells me a story
a never ending tale that will never go pale
every part of me now yours and what you are is what i am
what we have grown to be is parts of u and me
north or west,neither east nor coast
wherever u are, uphill or downpar
you take me along with you
the presence of me is there with you
at heart in the beat and breath of every seconds
that vows to love
and wherever i am,the shadow, the presence of u still
will always be, never be look passed
together blissfully

Feb 3, 2009


dah la rasanya i didnt write any proper post
miss it tho, bt i xde any inspiration in wt to write actualy
hehe, well, after all the hectic registration and starters on my studies i thank god that at last all of it has settle and been done
finally i can sit and relax
bt sadly i have to pull out from joining my uni's drumbattle on march as i can gskip that much of clas to join the bttle. as this smter is the bussiest smster of all
darn it
bt no worries, for the debate events, ill try my best to join each of em, see u guys in novice,insyaallah:)
i gtg
rushing to some things
much love:)