Jan 6, 2009


Al-fatihah to my dear late grandmother Allahyarhamah SHARIPAH SARPAN on the 3rd o Jan 2009.
(i call her 'MAK' which means mother)
Thank god i got to see, talk to her and give her hugs & kisses on the night before her last breath.
She have given such a big IMPACT in my life. Loosing such an inspiration of LOVE & SPIRIT makes me think back how strong she was, going through 80 years of her life and stay strong for her children and love them unconditionally even through her tough times.

Thanks to all of the relatives that came all the way from around KL, Perak, Melaka, Johor and Pahang to Our house in Ampang just to be in time for the funeral.
Alhamdulillah, all of my aunts and uncles get to see and kiss their mother for the last time.
& i am so thankfull that god made all my family gt together and get to meet after a long time appart.

& thanks to my dear friend Fared for being there for me the whole day, although u were asleep half of the time! hahaha. and because he was staying over my house the day before 'MAK' passed away.

& also, thanks to my Love,Amirul, who came and helped around the house for the tahlil.

Mak,im sorry for all my wrongdoings and mistakes i made, i love you and im sorry i didnt get to spend much time with you, bt know that i loved, and apperciate all that you've done for me,
and i believe i have made u proud with my achivements and i know you'll always be here still in my heart.