Nov 27, 2008

Sweet 16 Flashbacks

I made this poem when i was 16, only now im gona let it out.
here are also some pictures of me back then. hehe
But ive modified bits here & there.
its called..


She's a typical girl
she thought everything around her were real
but the truth is worse than it seems
what have she done to deserve this, she asked herself
as her life prove to be full of deception
Built based on lies & cheat
how she'd been fooled around & beated

They whisper here and there
words flew over the rear
from one to another, labeled by,
homosapiens that dont differ from me and u

She leave on,walk through the path
with ignorance surround , guarding her tight
Deep down, she wish to get back to reality
to be awaken from a dream
a depth that's hurting,
where justice overshadows

She's the after school ride
just an after school ride
being stepped on, up & about
the beat up ride
where the reality is the worse nightmare
as she's been misinterprete
& no one who see her the way they supposed to
& no one really care to care
taken into a place
where people cant stop stared
their whispers, their words, getting louder to her ears
second by second

she know by then
shes the after school ride
where people drop by
make fun, had fun,
then left, left in the cold
pretty much alone and drained

The pain that she cant bare
not anymore
its been killing her inside out
slowly, her soul was taken out
in an instant, she changed into something she once disgust
all on the cause of words
that turn into speeches
molding her into the out line
crashed by the path that she once on

The words, the speech
those lines, hurt her so bad that shes starting to consume
& let it stays inside her
beginning to be apart of her
drifting every piece of what left of her away
she's now one of them, lost, disgusted,

From the old dusty journal

This was practically made around earlier this year.
in a moment where i was quite lost in translation.


u make me do things i swear i wont
u broke down my grounds
u make me vulnarable when i shield myself up
u reach out ur hands when i was ready to give up
u turn my life around when ure presence surround

u reach out ur hands as i was ready to live
u give me hope as i would not expect it'll be
u let me live as much as i do, no burden no misused
the reason why i love you, no force no bound
live life, loud & laugh
as much as i doubt my heart
u would straight it up
as the strings is messed up
u pull it once & everything are fine
no bound rules, just trust & love
as u reach out ur hand, then loosen when needed

ill be waiting when the time comes
where u reach out ur hands
fits into mine & never let go
as we stared into each others eyes
& never look away
i'll say

Not So Fancy Me

New step,its a new age
nor taken by laughter or rage
im here to write and let be
to sprinkle the plain coffee

its ilya hida ismail hisham
nicks 'leia,baby,cherry'
either one works fine for me

as for u, as for me
this is my leftover
the crumbs of munchies
the spilt over slurpies

salam,hi,so on

shout out to;
all my loved ones
the person who made me have the guts to write my poem and blog it,
his first expression to my writings was 'comel'
ill take that as a compliment